tennessee walker

Jetta is a 17-year-old Tennessee Walker. She loves kids and was used as a riding lesson horse for kids. She is a stunning beauty to watch. She was the first horse to arrive at Serenity Ranch. She has a loving personality and loves to have attention from everyone.


Miniature Pony

George is very curious and smart. While he is a mini horse, his personality is so BIG! He plays soccer, dances, jumps, and can be ridden by small children when being led. George likes to shake his head “yes” when asked if he is a good boy. Sometimes he unzips jackets and takes things out of pockets.  He is “in your face” and loves attention. George has also visited nursing homes.


Miniature Pony

Mari, Is a 22-year-old miniature horse. Mari, George, and Jetta all arrived here at serenity together. Like George, Mari also was used in a nursing home for therapy. Mari is a very sweet small mini with a very big personality. She loves being with kids.



Fabian is an 18-year-old Thoroughbred who was born in Sparta, Michigan at Alpine Ridge Farms. At the age of 7, he competed in Hunter Jumper shows. Shortly after they realized it wasn’t a good fit for him he was entered in the Jumper Ring. There he excelled winning championships in his classes. In the summer of 2022, he was donated to Serenity from a family downstate that had just saved him from Potomac Fever. He came to serenity to finish recovering from his illness and is now retired.


Solid Paint

Breanna, Is a 22-year-old Solid Paint. She stands 14.2 hands. She was adopted from Horse North Rescue. She has a huge puppy dog personality. She loves attention with lots of hugs and petting. She loves to be groomed.


appaloosa/Quarter Horse Cross

Millie is our sassy 22-year-old appaloosa mare. She is sweet as can be when working one-on-one with someone. Millie was a program horse at Ranch Rudolf until she retired. She was donated to Serenity over the summer and is enjoying her retirement along with the extra love.



Clover is a 12-year-old paint. He was a working trail horse at Ranch Rudolf until he retired. He was purchased from Ranch Rudolf over the summer. He loves attention and children.



Penni is our feisty 9-year-old paint pony. She loves children and is great at following directions. Penni and her father Tattoo and brother Winchester were donated to Serenity by a gentleman in Kalkaska after his grandkids moved away. Penni has been enjoying her new home and all the extra attention.



Frances is our 29-year-old donkey/welsh pony mix and the oldest herd member. She is a very big herd protector. Frances was donated to Serenity by a gentleman in Northport and is enjoying her retirement.



Duce is our beautiful 17-year-old donkey. He is a very loving boy who wants all the attention for himself. His favorite treats are Nilla Wafers, and he absolutely loves children. Duce came to Serenity from a loving couple who wanted to give him the ability to give more people some much-needed love.



Tattoo is our gentle 25-year-old paint. He is an old soul with lots of love to give. He was a standing stud for many years and produced some beautiful babies. He came to Serenity with his daughter, Penni, and son, Winchester, and is enjoying his new life on the ranch.

STEEL Justice


Steel is our 3-year-old gentle giant. He came to Serenity with his mother Promise Storm from Wisconsin in the spring of 2024. He is an in-your-face sweetheart who just wants to play. 

Promise Storm


Promise is our 13-year-old sweet mama. She is an ex-racehorse who spent three years on the track before an injury led to her retirement. She came to Serenity with her son Steel in the spring of 2024 and is loving her new life.


quarter horse

Hamid is our 18-year-old well-mannered boy. He was donated to Serenity Ranch in the summer of 2024. He loves attention and spends his day playing with Steel. 


In Memory of our beautiful 12-year-old boy who is now watching over the ranch.


In Memory of Fancy Mama who is now watching over her owner and her family at the ranch.

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