Serenity Ranch LLC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company founded by Dawn Chippewa. We are located on the beautiful Leelanau Peninsula just minutes from M-22.

Our vision is to self-empower every individual to take ownership of truths in their lives; allowing horses to nurture and teach them how to be authentic and present; how to seek open and honest communication with others; and how to take care of themselves by giving and receiving trust and respect.

Our mission is to empower those in need through the healing quality of horses.

S – Self Empowerment, Self Esteem
E – Encouragement, Expectations, Enrichment
R – Respect, Rehabilitating
E – Energy
N – Nurturing
I – Integrity
T – Trust
Y – You


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Our amazing volunteers are trained using the Masterson Method. Using this unique, interactive method of equine bodywork we can help build trust between the individual and the horse.